Friday, 19 December 2014

Changing Hairdresser after 13 years, SPOOKY SCARY!

I wanted to write this post to reach out to people that have been through this experience, are going through this experience or avoiding getting their hair cut ever again for fear of it getting butchered!

As you can tell by the title, I have had the same hairdresser for 13 years. Since I was 9 she has been taking care of my locks and seen it through some rough times such as dying my naturally red hair black (Why didn't I listen to my mother?!) and then taking care of it after it getting the colour then stripped by a salon. I've got through bad break-up hair, prom hair, wedding guest hair and total restyles and the wonderful Esther has NEVER let me down. She's a hard act to follow.

Bubbles Hair Studio

However I have learned in the last 6 months, since moving to London permanently, you can't spend the rest of your hair 'do days travelling an 100 mile round trip to get your hair done. Even for me and my huge love for Esther - who has since become a friend, Agony Aunt & a confidant as well as my hair goddess - this is an excessive journey.

So I had to start the process of finding a new salon. Cry.

I started with Siri and the old: SIRI WHERE ARE THE NEAREST GOOD HAIRDRESSERS NEAR ME?' - he could not understand my accent and tried to send me to furniture shops to buy dressers. Boo you, technology.

My next search was google, but even at the best of times when you know what you're looking for, google can be overwhelming and unhelpful.

Then I went to recommendations from friends, colleagues and facebook/twitter peers. I got replies from the rich, the consumer of the male variety and finally from my mum being sad that I wasn't coming home to get my hair done anymore - so another failure in the hunt for a salon!

I had given up all hope, until I was on the App Store on my phone looking for the Topshop app (sneaky!) and I accidentally clicked on the Wahanda app. I was kind of intrigued by the thought of this huge database of hair & beauty treatments deals and places, so I thought the hell with it and downloaded it!

I'm so so so so soooooooo (oooo...) glad I did because its so different to just googling hair salons because it has proper reviews from people who have been there etc. Just an FYI this isn't a sponsored post I'm just genuinely impressed with the app.

Wahanda led me to Bubbles Hair Studio in Earlsfield. A salon I wouldnt of considered in my google search as via google it stated that it only catered for Afro styles. After seeing it on Wahanda I was sold!

The owner - Ina - rang me prior to my appointment to confirm my hair type, the price, time and ask me any questions and soothed my concerns about switching hairdressers, which was fantastic and something I've not experienced with Salons before.

The salon itself is a little gem in the middle of Earlsfield. Understated, super clean & a welcoming atmosphere. My stylist was brilliant, and chatted away with ease - I wish I remembered her name because she was so awesome!

But here is my do after it got did:

New 'do Selfie!New 'do Selfie deux!

I am really impressed by the whole Wahanda/Bubbles process and I'm definitely going back. 

Have any of you guys experienced this? Share your stories, i'd love to know!

Shiana xo


  1. When I moved from my hometown of NYC to Colorado Springs I had no idea what I was going to do when it came to my hair. I refused to go to a salon for months until recently when I decided to give in. It's surely scary but your new do looks great! :)

  2. I didn't know there was an app for that! I love your hair!! I recently moved to Kentucky and had a bad experience with a hairdresser at Ulta. I asked her to cut off an inch and a half and she literally cut off ALL of my hair and left me with a bob I never asked for. I was so frustrated! I thought it was just a miscommunication thing but my mom went to get her cut by the same lady today and she did the SAME EXACT THING! Aha sorry for the vent! But I'm totally going to check out this app, hopefully I can find someone better!


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