Thursday, 5 February 2015

My Dermaglo Journey, 12 steps to perfect skin!

If you've reading my blog for a while, you will know that a couple of weeks ago I started my 2015 health kick with a little help from Dermaglo*. 

I lead quite a hectic lifestyle, so I do find it hard (and boring!) to eat my 5 a day or drink enough water. Plus i've said it before, London pollution is so tough on your skin! I'm so impressed with Dermaglo and my New Years skin transformation! I clearly needed all those amazing vitamins that they pack into a shot and it always gives me a well needed boost first thing on these dark mornings. Plus its so simple, its just one little shot, you can whack one in your bag to go, I never forgot to take mine which was great. The photos below are COMPLETELY unedited - the one on the right does look very instagram but I give you my word its not, it was that horrible sunny/rain outside that afternoon! You can tell because the excess mascara under my eyes ;).
Left is before Dermaglo first thing in the AM- Right is after 12 shots of Dermaglo mid-afternoon - No editing or filters!
As you can see from the photos my skin is so much better now, its smoother in texture, my eye bags have gone and the discolouration around my nose has come on leaps and bounds! Plus its super perky!

A few notes about the shot, because this way of taking care of your body is not for everyone, it tastes great! The main ingredient in the shot is Marine Collagen and first you think, 'good lord this is gunna taste like straight up fish', but it tastes more like a Calippo ice lolly! I wish it came in different flavours because if you take it every day for more than 12 days I would think that you'd be craving a little more variety.

Now Dermaglo is in my life I know what to turn to when I'm having some serious skin issues, its an easy fix that isn't just skin deep, so the effects last.

If you're interested in taking the Dermaglo challenge and reaping the skin and body rewards, its available here

What do you guys think of fixing skin from the inside out?

Shiana xo

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