Friday, 6 February 2015

Weekly Favourite #1

Hi guys! So I wanted to start something on my blog that shows what I'm loving at the moment thats more up to date than a monthly favourites, so every week I'll be writing a post on one item that i've been using a lot or loving in particular that week, so here it goes!

Heel Genius - Soap & Glory - RRP £5.50

This may be a total TMI item for my first Weekly Favourite, but to be honest its so amazing, I had to share.

Up until recently I have been a firm believer in pedicures a couple of times a month to take care of my feet. New year came and one of my resolutions is to start saving and putting aside money for a new place, so no more pedicures, wa wa waaaaa!

I got this in Soap & Glory's huge Christmas gift box, I started using it this week and three days in I'm already seeing amazing results! My feet are super soft, my other half has commented on it, I already want to whack out the flip flops and its been snowing outside!

Do you have a go to product for perfect feet? Comment below!

Shiana xo

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