Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Hair Overhaul - My New Long Bob!

Okay so the dream of looking like Lauren didn't completely come true but the hairs pretty similar now! 

I finally took the Long Bob plunge and I'm loving it. The biggest pro is how healthy it feels! When I was getting it cut my wonderful hairdresser was saying my last length of hair could be up to 5 years old, (depending on how often I get it cut) which is equal parts amazing and gross. Think about how much you as a person change in 5 years yet you're still carrying those years round on your head! 

I'm really loving the cut, 3 weeks in to having it and my life is easier. The time it takes to dry in comparison has to be seen to be believed. I do miss being able to put it all into a ponytail but the benefits totally outweigh this small factor.

People say that you usually cut your hair when you're going through a transition in your life and I definitely agree. 22 is a really strange age for me, and if any of you have thought this, please comment below. For me its like this very strange alternate universe of life where you suddenly have to be seen to have all your shit together, like a real adult.

Many of my friends have crazy good jobs, getting money together for a house or are onto their masters degrees and I can't help but compare, something we're all guilty of I'm sure. I'm still getting my head around the fact it was over 4 years ago since my 18th birthday and the weeks that ensued afterward of my and my best friend Jo going out twice a week, having the time of our lives. Looking back, I think "Good god how did we afford and survive those nights out". I pretty much lived on cheesy chips that year and I have no regrets of any of those nights to this day. I still look back at photos and laugh as hard as I did when they were taken!

I can't wait for all the years to come and take more photos like this and share all these awesome memories with the great people i have in my life!

What are your Hair Memories?

Shiana xo


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