Saturday, 4 April 2015

My Favourite Music Right Now

My Favourite Music
I've said it before and I'm gunna say it again. I bloody love music. I thought I'd share with you a few things I'm really digging at the moment in my little music world.

Favourite Song: Vaults - Lifespan
One thing you need to know about me is how much I love synth/electronic kind of music. I know I should know the specific genre but who has the time to learn every music genre to be honest - i digress. I'm very late to the Vaults bandwagon that came along this time last year. I remember my one of my old collegues mentioning them and it just not processing in my brain and I wish it had now! Their song Lifespan is so beautiful. It not only has a melody and beat that goes straight to your soul, the lyrics are pretty beautiful too. Listen here.

Favourite Album: Drake - If You're Reading This Its Too Late
When Drake dropped his latest mixtape the crazy fan girl in me squealed with elation. The best part about this, its that its bloody great. Its so much darker and moodier than Drakes previous albums/mixtapes (whatever you want to call them) but I love this because it shows how much he's progress as an artist and lyricist since he began. His music has more meaning now than about rap 'n' bitches as he famously said.

Favourite Throwback: King Of Leon - Because Of The Times
I could write about my boys for days and days. I am a huge fan of Kings Of Leon, I stick with them through every album, every pigeon poop scandal and every stint in rehab Caleb has. Followill vibes are my favourite kind, thats why they're my throwback album of the moment. I forgot how much I love the song 'Knocked Up'. It reminds me of every time I've seen them live, and the audience fills the room with the 'Woah's' and whistles, shivers-up-your-spine kind of stuff.

What music are you loving right now?

Shiana xo

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