Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Peter Thomas Roth Face Masks | Skincare Week

If you're into blogs, or have spoken to me about skincare in the last month or so, you would of already heard all the incredible, rave reviews about Peter Thomas Roth skincare. His range of Masks in particular.

I first heard about the Pumpkin Enzyme Mask in January after watching Vivianna Does Make Up's US Beauty Haul and had been wanting to try it since. At the time it actually wasn't available in the UK, so there I was longingly staring at it in my Sephora Basket. However, come July, I had to pick up a Limited Edition US only release so was doing my first Sephora order, and with that, I popped a Mini Mask Magic kit into my basket so i could not only try the Pumpkin Enzyme mask, but a few others in the range too, and at what worked at at around £13, it was a bargain.

I am so glad I did that because Peter Thomas Roth masks are now the only ones I will use (bar the Sephora Sheet masks!). They are frankly, AMAZING, and I recommend them to everyone I speak to.

So far I have tried my beloved Pumpkin Enzyme Mask which is a 3 in 1 treatment that is an exfoliator, a peel and a mask. It smells like pumpkin pie or a pumpkin spice latte and honestly turns the state of the skin around in 3 minutes. I get very dull skin in the winter due to dryness and this is perfect for me. Next I have tried the Rose Stem Cell Mask, I hate the name because I hate products that allude to stem cell formation, however this mask is wonderful for overnight if you need a boost of moisture and plumpness in the skin. Finally the Cucumber Gel Mask is a good summer go to, I actually tend to keep it in the fridge for a cooling treatment when I need it, especially due to my skin being more irritated due to heat rash in the summer. The Cucumber Gel Mask has Aloe in it which is perfect for calming down and nourishing angry skin!

I can't wait to grab more of these masks when I'm in the US in December, I really want to try the Irish Moor Mud mask, the new Algae Mask and the 24k Gold Mask. If they are anything like the ones I have tried so far, they will be amazing!

Have you tried any of Peter Thomas Roth's Range? Also, what's your favourite face mask?

Shiana xo

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