Friday, 5 February 2016

15 Of The Best Feelings Ever

1. One of lifes great luxuries and probably my favourite feeling of all the feels is getting into fresh sheets, with fresh pyjamas on & after you've just showered or had a long soak in a bath. Good god, the pure joy

2. Dropping your iPhone from a huge height and the screen not cracking. Particularly satisfying when you drop it down an escalator at Bank tube station. Never happened...

3. Getting home and drinking an outstanding cup of tea after a bad day, even better if its rainy and cold outside. Better still if you didn't have to make it yourself.

4. Ticking off the last thing on a long to-do list and feeling like you could henceforth conquer the world with your uber productivity.

5. When you know you've got loads of episodes of an excellent TV show to go. 5 more seasons each, with 22 episodes each, that kind of loads. Duvet, snacks and sofa-time call for this kind of luxury.

6. Getting home from a big shop and admiring your ridiculously full fridge, even better if its a fridge full of healthy foods that would rival Amelia Freers fridge. So much to consume, so many options.

7. Putting on clothes on a freezing cold morning that have been warming on the radiator. Thanks past Shiana, you are amazing, my toasty tush thanks you greatly.

8. When you only have £4.79 in your bank account (because you got that round for everyone a few nights ago and haven't been able to afford food since) Then you remember that its Payday tomorrow, YES I am rich again.

9. Getting to the bus stop expecting to wait 15 minutes and your bus arrives like magic.

10. When you order clothes online and everything fits and looks great. Thank you Topshop for not betraying me with your ever shrinking sizes.

11. Waking up knowing you have no plans or chores to do and nowhere to be. Even better on a Bank holiday, no work for me today, thank all who have sacrificed their lives to give me this day.

12. When something you cook or bake on a whim turns out to be not only edible, but pretty much 3 Michelin stars. Take that Delia!

13. The satisfaction that comes from peeling the plastic off of a mirror in a new eye shadow palette or the screen of an electrical device. Aaah.

14. Picking out a fresh baked good in the supermarket and it still being warm. Resisting the urge to eat a full sized french stick as you finish the rest of your shopping is hard when its just come out of the oven.

15. Belly laughing with your best friend about times old and new, or just stupid jokes. Like the time their brother tweeted Derek Acorah to ask him to make him dinner. He said no. Equal parts excellent and hilarious.

What are your favourite feelings?

Shiana xo

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