Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Temple Spa In The Beginning Cleansing Melt

Temple Spa In The Beginning Cleansing Melt

If you've been around here a while you know that cleansers are not something I really write about. I think the whole thing of reviewing cleansers can be silly at times. They all take your make up off in the end, lets be real. However I have recently discovered a cleanser that I couldn't not write about. The Temple Spa In The Beginning Cleansing Melt is quite possibly the most luxurious thing that has ever cleansed my face. It feels almost decadent when using it, like you are at your own personal spa. Its got one of those fragrances that takes you away to some other place in your mind, for me its to summers in Provence. Its truly astounding.

What makes this cleanser different to things I have used before, is that it is formulated by a spa, to be used at a spa for facial treatments. This my friends is why its so darn luxurious!

This is a rich oily balm that has exfoliating particles that melt into the skin as you massage. The thing is with it is that although it's exfoliating, it doesn't stress the skin when using it. Which means you can use this twice daily and not have any redness or dry patches, if anything its the opposite. You are hydrated, toned and the perfect healthy shade of pink. Its a magic product and now something I don't think I could possibly live without.

The balm contains Vitamin E, Lavender, Clary Sage, Olive oil and a hint of Basil, so it has a very unique and calming scent which blisses you out totally when you are using it.

I found the cleanser though Queen Hiron's blog. She spoke about the best way to apply this is to make 'vogue' movements not circular as the face has very few circular muscles (only around the eye and mouth). This helps with the toning of the skin also and I have to agree. I have snuck a sneaky circle or two in sometimes and although it doesn't make a difference I'm sure the toning element I find as a result would not be so apparent anymore!

The Temple Spa In The Beginning Cleansing Melt is available here for £28.

Shiana xo

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