Thursday, 21 April 2016

FOREO Luna Play

Foreo Luna Play
when this little gadget came to my attention last week I knew instantly i had to have it. I had been lusting after a FOREO Luna 2  since my trip to Washington DC a couple of years ago, I remember trying it out in the DC Mall Sephora and wanting it so badly, but couldn't warrant the price tag at the time. Lets flash forward to 2016 and here comes the much smaller but nonetheless powerful little sister of the Luna 2 - the FOREO Luna Play. The cotton round sized skincare system that has some pretty impressive skin cleaning abilities for its small stature.

The FOREO Luna Play is a dual system with two different types of bristles. The ops ones are more 'hardcore' if you will, and they are to unclog pores, and lift away dirt, oil and dead skin whilst gently exfoliating. The finer bristles at the bottom are for cleansing the more sensitive areas of skin on the face.

After using the Play for a week I have really noticed a difference in my skins texture, its incredibly soft and when I should be covered in hormonal spots right now, they are nowhere to be seen, which really surprised me. Another thing that I found surprising is how well the Play works with oils and balms. Its a really good tool to use on your second cleanse to really work those kinds of products into the skin. I also want to give a shout out the for FOREO Day Cleanser that came as a sample when I bought the play from lookfantastic. Its a foaming cleanser, and because of my dry dehydrated skin I am a total banner of all foaming cleansers on my face, but for reviews sake I wanted to see if the foaming one would work better than an oil based cleanser (just the same FYI) I tried it and was very impressed. No tightening of the skin, irritation or instant flakiness post cleanse, which is a huge thumbs up. Plus it smells like a smoothie!

I am now a big fan of the Luna Play and its definitely something that has improved my skin over the time I've used it in, I really recommend checking this little gadget out. It's small but mighty!

The FOREO Luna Play is available here for £29.

Are you a fan of cleansing brushes?

Shiana xo

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