Tuesday, 6 September 2016

10 Things You Always Have To Pretend To Like

1. KIDS. Babies. Pictures of kids and or babies. 1% out of 99% of babies I actually find cute. Otherwise to me, all babies look the same. Its okay to be a lady and not have the baby bug where you melt into a pool of cooing mush as soon as one is in your line of sight.

2. Fresh flowers. I always say thank you and it is kind when someone buys you them but in my head I always fast forward to a few days time when I have to clean and dispose of the now wilted smelly weeds in pond water.

3. Someones brand new designer something or other. It looks like something my nan had in the 60's, and NOT in a good way, and you've spent HOW MUCH on it? 

4. Bridesmaids. You're supposed to coo and aww when they come parading down the aisle before the bride but most of the time they look 200% naff. The fact is they are supposed to look awful because otherwise it will show up the bride. Whats the point?!

5. All animals to exist ever. I love most dogs, I love most cats, but equally hate chihuahua's and sphynx cats. Cats without fur shouldn't be a thing, and its okay to think so too.

6. Gin.  Everything seems to have some sort of gin related caption on it everywhere you look. Its really okay if you don't like gin, it tastes like flowers and having a taste for it doesn't make you a grown up. Gin and Tonic in particular is the most drying drink to ever exist in my humble opinion.

7. Your haircut. It is a terribly British thing to sit in the hairdressers chair saying you like your new (and horrifically butchered) haircut through gritted teeth. Inside your are dying and mourning the loss of the inches of hair that just died. Why did I think a bob would suit me, why?

8. Modern Art. A pile of bricks in the middle of the room, or a light switch projected onto a white wall, does not a magnum opus make.

9. Downton Abbey/Victoria/Poldark or any kind of period drama. Boring. I want to watch issues we deal with now. It doesn't make me uncultured it just makes me realistic.

10. The Smiths/Morrissey. End of.

Let me know your ones below!

Shiana xo

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