Monday, 26 September 2016

6 Reasons Why Monday's Are Great

Happy Monday morning my beauties. I have to let you in to a secret. I bloomin' love Monday's. I think I am one of the rarest humans on earth because of this fact. Monday's, in my book, rock and I will tell you why...

1. My main reason is that Monday is a fresh start. You have a whole new week ahead of you, like blank slate. Theres a positive vibe in the air on a Monday that isn't there any other day of the week. Its like all of time has been reset and you can achieve anything you want that week or be anyone you want. Its a truly magical feeling that only happens on a Monday.

2. If you have had a naughty weekend eating all the carbs and cheese, Monday is a day in my mind that erases that bad weekend and means you can start being a healthy, spiralising #fitspo again. Its like all those cheat meals never happened, weyhey!

3. Everyone doesn't mind if you aren't at your best on a Monday. You can be switched on to only 70%, but thats okay because everyone else is too. Plus nobody notices if you don't doll up on a Monday either, they are too busy dreaming of the weekend gone by. No make up Mondays for the win.

4. All the clean. Your hair, your clothes, your bedsheets your flat. Weekends end up being so full of chores that you can only truly appreciate the outcome of said chores come Monday. Wrapping up in freshly washed jammies into your clean sheets after a hard days work is one of the best feeling in the world, amirite?

5. The countdown to the ever precious Weekend starts again. Sunday's are pants because all you do is countdown the hours till it ends. Monday = 4 days till the weekend, every week.

6. Statistics say that Monday's are the least rainy day of all the days. In a week full of rainy weather, Monday is the day that typically has clear skies, how cool is that?

See my friends, Monday's ain't all bad, its always good to start Monday on a positive note and remember this list, the more positive your Monday, the better your week will be!

Shiana xo

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