Friday, 9 September 2016

7 Things To Get You In The Mood For Autumn

1. Let's start off with the most basic bitch thing of all. The humble PSL, otherwise know as Starbs' Pumpkin Spice Latte. It is certifiably guaranteed to make you feel like you are drinking a warm cosy Autumnal hug.

2. Go for a walk with friends or family, all bundled up in your favourite cool weather jacket and a chunky scarf. Hearing the fallen leaves crunch underfoot is one of my favourite things and the crisper air makes the experience even better.

3. Make yourself a big old batch of Apple Crumble, Bramley Apples (the humble cooking apple) are in season now, so its the perfect time to make the ultimate winter dessert.  Serve with a scoop of your fave ice cream if you still can't bear to let go of summer just yet...

4. Feel great in the knowledge that all the awesome TV is coming back on very soon. The Walking Dead, Grey's Anatomy, How To Get away with Murder, the list goes on. I have my blanket and Hot Chocolate prepared in anticipation.

5. KNITWEAR MY FRIENDS. Also Layers. Oh an ankle boots. YAAAASS. Come to me you chub hiding saviours of life. Where have you been?

6. We can wear dark lipstick and red toned eyeshadow again without looking gothic when thats not really the look you are going for. Kate Moss 107, come back into my life!

7. Being that bit closer to Christmas. Meaning that bit closer to loads of family time. Getting to see those relatives and friends that only come around at christmas time is just wonderful.

What makes you excited for Autumn?

Shiana xo

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