Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Autumn High Street Trends

I hate shopping. There I said it. No not all shopping, I bloomin' adore online shopping, trying things on in the comfort of my own home and styling the pieces with my own things. I just hate shopping in actual shops. I find the process super stressful, being surrounded by people, buggies, fitting room queues and unflattering lighting. However I actually went shopping outside in the real world with other people this Friday and it wasn't too bad. I went in the daytime, so a little better than the usual shopping trips that I remember. However, not the point of this post, I massively digress! Cos I went to an actual shopping centre, I am gunna give you a lil insight into some trends I saw coming up for Autumn/Winter. Here goes...

Loafers: The first big trend I saw everywhere was the humble Loafer. Every highstreet shop has their own version, from backless to bucked to metallic, you name it, the high street has it. I recently got some myself from Topshop which are nude and backless and quite possibly the most comfortable smart shoes I own. The best things about Loafer is they can be dress up or down. You can pair them with super ripped jeans for a more casual look or smart trousers for work or an evening out.

Chunky Roll Necks: Quite possibly my fave of all the trends I saw cropping up on Friday. I love me a cosy chunky knit roll neck. I get a new one every year in fashion or not. A lot of these knits were paired with an embroidered mom jean and a sock boot on mannequins and the overall look was beaut.

Leopard Boots: Thanks to Saint Laurent (not Kat Slater wooo) leopard everything is in. More specifically Leopard boots in all forms. Flat or heeled, everyone has bought out a pair. I have a gorgeous pair from Topshop that I'm in love with that I posted about a few weeks ago. They are the perfect accessory to channel your inner rock chick. I adore this trend because you can add a little bit of leopard as a statement to an otherwise dull outfit. Especially if you are like me and wear black most of the time!

Embroidery: This is probably one of the most prevalent trends on the high street for this season. You name an item, you can almost definitely find it embroidered. The easiest way to work this trend into your wardrobe this Autumn is to add a little bit of embroidery to your fave denim jacket, you can get this done at your local haberdasheries or get some pre embroidered patches. Alternatively there are so many cute embroidered bags on the high street to give your outfit that added something. 

Western Accessories: This was around all summer and its staying. Western style chokers were everywhere I turned as well as western boots. Heavy silver detailed hardware on black leather was the thing most common. I love this as I already have a western belt I wore with shorts and skirts over the summer so can just add it to jeans or as a waist belt over the Autumn/Winter. I saw western belts paired with high waisted jeans, tucked in vests and long line cardigans, love the look!

Peeping Shoulders: Gone are the bardot off shoulder style tops and dresses of the summer. However shoulders are still a little bit out this Autumn. Not quite cold shoulder, but what I call peeping shoulder tops and dresses are going to be everywhere. They are distinguished by having thicker straps and high necks.

I hope you liked this post and it gave you some wardrobe update ideas for Autumn!

Whats your favourite Autumn/Winter trend?

Shiana xo

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