Monday, 12 September 2016

Dear Reader: A Little Lush Haul

I'm not gunna lie guys, last week was totally shite.

It was one of those weeks that really runs at you and rugby tackles you to the ground whilst simultaneously punching you in the face from the get go. It was awful. Ya girl needed some pampering - stat.

Even though I'm 200 % poor right now I justified going into Lush last week by telling myself that if I feel slightly less awful I will be so much more productive and finally be able to boss life. So in I went.

Lush is one of those places that the moment you walk in you feel instantly chilled. The smell, the aesthetic, the staff - everything is there to calm you the f down.

So onto what I picked up...

Sakura: So its not the sexiest of bath bombs when it comes to the colour it makes your bath, but my god its a gooden. I wish you could bottle the smell of this bad boy because its something I'd wear daily. Its inspired by Japanese Cherry Blossom & is supposed to evoke optimism, which I needed by the bucket load! It has jasmine oil which is calming and also has citrus (lemon oil and orange flower) to uplift. The perfect bath bomb for a bad mood. It also makes your skin super soft, bonus!

Ickle Baby Bot: This may not be everyones fave  and it is technically for kids but these wee robots are the key to a great nights sleep for me! They have lavender in which makes them really soothing and they are perfect if you have really sensitive skin like me as they are designed for children.

The Comforter: If you went to lush and didn't buy The Comforter bubble bar, did you even go? This bae is my top favourite lush thing of all time, theres a reason why its a cult classic. The blackberry scent gets me every time. Whenever I travel I always get one of these so it takes me back to so many good times. Its an instant mood changer for me and it soothes my skin like no other. LOVE.

The Comforter Shower Gel: I hadn't tried this yet, but seeing as its bubble bar counterpart is one of my favourite smells ever I knew that I couldn't go wrong. This may even smell better than the bar itself, the scent is more concentrated. This stuff is stunning, and my Body Shop Pinita Colada has gone to the back of the shower for now.

I've already used Sakura and the Shower gel and its safe to say they bought me out of the black cloud of last week! Onwards and upwards my loves!

Let me know your lush recommendations below, I really want to try more!

Shiana xo

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