Saturday, 3 September 2016

Dear Reader: Love At First Strut

Today, the boots of my dreams arrived. I instantly wanted to share them with you guys! Look how pretty, all the heart eye emojis!

This week has been a pretty shitty week overall. I've had some awful health struggles which I won't go in to, but I haven't worn make up or nice clothes all week because I've been poorly, so its been pyjamas (or anything thats as comfy as pyjamas) and a top knot since last Saturday.

The only thing I've been excited for is bake off and these boots arriving to be honest with you.

When they came this morning I slipped them on and instantly felt like myself again, strutting around in my bedroom in these leopard beauties. The best part about getting new shoes is trying them on with various outfit combinations saying to yourself how you will be wearing these with EVERYTHING over the coming months. We all do it!

I'm not usually one for pointy boots as I think they make my feet look like boats, but as these have a chunky flared heel it makes the sole look shorter and in turn make my feet look small - result! Plus even with the heel they are so comfortable.

These bad boys are from Topshop, but there are so many different styles around at the moment that there is something for everyone. Leopard print acsessories are going to be a big thing this Autumn/Winter so I've invested early!

Its amazing how great one item can make you feel, whether its your favourite cosy-comfort jumper or those leather skinnies that make you feel like a badass, everyone has that one item in their wardrobe that always makes them feel ace.

Whats your feel good item? Let me know below!

Shiana xo



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