Thursday, 29 September 2016

Why I'm Fed Up With Youtube

I am totally sick of Youtube.

Not in the 'I hate Youtubers' sense, not at all, I love watching content on it, soaking it in and learning about peoples lives through it. For this, it is a wonderful platform. For growing as a creator, it is not.

I can only assume that three or four years ago it was a lot easier, however now Youtube is a numbers game. Its 'sub4sub' and unsubscribe if the other doesn't subscribe back. Its not about content, its about the number of subscribers and likes you have.

For ages I wasn't bothered at all about the numbers, but then I noticed in recent weeks that every video I upload I lose subscribers. To me this just meant that my videos were not appealing to that subscriber - fair enough, everyone is entitled to their opinion. However when I tweeted my frustration, so many of the replies to that tweet were 'don't worry, a lot of people only subscribe to get subscribers back' and to this I ask why.

I know its not the creators such as myself that were first to focus on the numbers, I'm looking at you brands. I know Youtube is now a business and I'm not naive to that fact. However if I was a brand I'd rather a genuinely ace video, than something mediocre churned out in an hour just because that creator can put it out to a larger audience. Quality over quantity wins for me personally every time.

For me its all about the making, and receiving videos that people have poured their heart into. I can see that all its about recently is how many subscribers you have and not how good your content is. This is so wrong my friends.

There are so many amazing creators on Youtube and if you are just subscribing to people willy nilly you will never find the wheat from the chaff, the hard working creators from the 'trying this country's candy' makers. The people making stuff just to be the new big thing on youtube but having to get their numbers up by riding on other creators content, using that to get discovered. This kind of behaviour is devaluing the platform.

I wanted to write this post to just encourage you to trust in what you make as a content creator and stop the Youtube subscriber games. It cheapens what people work so hard on. You need to remember that if you have put heart in to what you have made that it is good, and people will find it without you writing on a viral video 'sub for sub guys'.

I want everyone to stress less about the numbers and focus more on making bloomin' good stuff.

What's your opinion on this subject? Content creator or not I'd love to know, please comment below!

Shiana xo

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