Wednesday, 2 November 2016

13 Reasons Why Getting Older Rocks

As some of you may know, I just had my 24th birthday, and I'll be honest, turning 24 just didn't have that same charm for me as the other years in my early 2's. 24 is that bit too close to 'mid-twenties'. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure its great. But I felt weird about it. In my head I'm still 18, just out of school and still trying to find myself. Does anyone else feel like this? I have been mulling it over since my birthday and there are actually some many reasons that I actually like being older. Here goes, my friends...

1. Actually being comfortable in your own skin. When I was 18, I totes thought I was a mahusive whale and no boy would ever fancy me because I had a spotty skin and (what I thought were) thick thighs. MATE. I was a size 10. Now I'm a comfortable size 12, and my butt looks fab in jeans. Getting older and having other stuff to worry about makes you not hate your body so much, it becomes one of your best pals.

2. You appreciate the little things so much more, like letters in the post & fresh bedsheets. Also when someone surprises you with a cup of tea - pure unadulterated romance right there. Bloomin' love a surprise tea.

3. You finally have a stable core group of friends. Gone are the days of muttered bitching around the common room and the drama of accidentally getting off with a boy your mate kind of liked but you didn't know about. That petty stuff has gone. I can count my friends on my two hands and I'm stoked with that.

4. Staying in instead of going out. A netflix binge, a good home cooked meal and good company is far nicer and dare I say it - more socially acceptable when you get older. You finally feel able to say no to a club night out without having Major FOMO.

5. Being able to spend money on yourself. You need that expensive skin cream, because wrinkles are, quite frankly, imminent - and thats okay that you spent 1/3rd of your payslip on it. Well done you for taking care of yourself.

6. You smell 2 billion per cent better because you now don't buy impulse and instead you buy big girl perfume and people compliment you and everything.

7. You are able to give well reasoned advice because you are a bit older and wiser and most of the time you really do know what you're talking about.

8. You don't get the 'you are sooooooo young' comments at work which are, lets be honest, a bit patronising.

9. You can invest in good shoes, good bras and good bags respectively.

10. You can actually tell the difference between good wine and bad wine. You can taste a £3 bagged wine from a mile off because it instantly makes you gag and reminds you of youth.

11. You finally get the importance of exercise. And mostly you actually enjoy it now, because its nice lovely gentle yoga and not being frogmarched round a field in your grotty PE kit.

12. Being about to be your own person, make your own decisions and generally be your own guide in Life. When you get older you have to trust yourself so much more and trust in your own choices. Its a learning curve but the freedom of being your own gal is freakin' awesome.

13. You have totally gotten to know yourself. You know when you are about to get sick, when you are too stressed and when you are genuinely happy. It is glorious.

What about you guys, what are the awesome things you've noticed now that you are older? Let me know in the comments down below!

Shiana xx

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