Friday, 11 November 2016

8 Things Nobody Tells You About Anti-Depressants

10 in 100 people within the UK suffer from Anxiety and/or Depression. Its something I hold close to my heart, as being someone who also struggled with Anxiety and Depression. I just wanted to be super real with you guys on this one, its an important thing to share. There are so many things I wish I'd known about anti-depressants before I was put on them 5 years ago. I have tried so many different ones and I wanted to share some info thats not generally shared about anti depressants!

1. They make you the sweatiest human alive. Not smelly sweat, mind you, just wet sweat. Before I started my anti-depressant journey I wasn't a sweaty person, not one bit. Since being on them, I can go for a short walk down the road at a normal pace and be absolutely drenched in sweat when I get there. Like the kind of drenched you get after a HIIT workout or a Spin class. Its sucks. You want to shout that you're not a sweaty person and its your medication, all.the.damn.TIME.

2. They make you have crazy realistic dreams. There have been times where I have been asleep, dreaming I've already woken up and started my day, and it feels so unbelievably real that I haven't woken up. I've more recently had a dream (I think it was a dream) I was speeding and got flashed by a police camera and I have it kind of in the back of my mind that I'm waiting for a fine in the post. It feels so bloody real. I have dreamt whole conversations, scenarios and circumstances so real over the last 5 years that it has been quite troubling some days to define what is real and what isn't.

3. They make your short term memory suck. I have to write everything down. Someone has told me their name and within seconds, poof its gone. Someones asked me a questions, and only after the third time can my brain kind of remember the question well enough to answer it.

4. They can give you horrendous food intolerances. The first SSRI I was on gave me the worst lactose intolerance ever. My stomach just could not process dairy of any kind. Now that I have changed, I no longer have this. My current one makes me not able to drink caffeine as much as I used to, I'm on a two teas a day limit!

5. They get you drunk real quick. I know you shouldn't really be drinking when on Anti-Depressants. However when you have been on them for as long as I have, its easier said than done. These days though, I am a two spritzers kind of gal or I'm completely hammered. Its so bizarre.

6. You are tired. You are physically and mentally exhausted all the time. It's like you have constant jet lag and no amount of sleep is never enough!

7. A lot of Anti Depressants, particularly SSRI's can make your contraception less effective, make sure you are aware and that you ask. With this, getting pregnant whilst on Anti Depressants (particularly SSRI's such as Sertraline & Citalopram) can cause birth defects, so its a big no no. You have to wait a year or more, depending on how long you have been on the tablets for them to be entirely out of your system before getting pregnant.

8. Mood swings, although fleeting, are often. For me it has been worse on certain tablets than others. At the moment my mood swings are stable, on a different tablet they were entirely all over the place and unpredictable.

I hope this post sheds a bit of light on this subject, and if you have any questions at all please ask in the comments below, I will endeavour to answer them all :)

Shiana xx


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