Friday, 18 November 2016

Dear Reader: My Winter Funk

I love winter, and autumn, and cold, and coats, and layers, and ankle boots, and snuggling up, and big bobble hats and roaring fires. My heart yearns for all these things in the summer months when its so hot and sticky. Every year it comes around and for the first few weeks of Autumn I'm a fine, perfectly functioning human being. I feel lighter and happy. And then the clocks change.

I try to look after myself, and I try to change the inevitable. But SAD kicks in like the total winter cow it is and it takes over my entire body. 

SAD to me is like a Dementor, physically sucking every bit of life from my once useful body. 

When it comes around, I can't do anything but crawl into bed and sleep. I feel like I'm drowning and that nobody understands. I'm useful to no one. I am a bad girlfriend, a bad daughter, a bad colleague and a bad person even to myself. All I want is to eat carbs, then nap, repeatedly until the sun starts shining again. Its really quite shit, if i'm honest.

I can't remember a winter with SAD. I can't remember a time in Winter where I was capable and able to do everything I wanted to do. 

To those who don't know what SAD is, it stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder and it is otherwise known as 'Winter Depression'. The symptoms of SAD are as follows are a horrifically persistent, almost nagging low mood. Loss of interest in life. Feeling lethargic, more so than usual. Also feelings of despair, guilt and worthlessness.

I'm a huge massive TICK to all of the above.

SAD happens because the body can't produce two main chemicals, Melatonin & Serotonin. 

I guess I'm writing this just to get how I feel off my chest, to make me feel a bit brighter. I wish I could offer more advice to those who suffer from severe SAD like I do, but I just don't have it down yet. 

If you suffer from SAD, please leave a comment down below and let me know how you deal with it. I've heard rumours that lots of exercise and managing stress levels are a godsend but I've tried both in previous years and no dice!

Shiana xx


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