Saturday, 7 January 2017

Charlotte Tilbury Quick N Easy Kit

With a new year comes a new Charlotte Tilbury release to spend my Christmas money on, yes please! I had heard about these on the beauty blogging grapevine before Christmas and on New Years Day they appeared on Cult Beauty and I bought one in approximately 0.111111 of a second. Yep, CT fangirl right here, just take my money Tilbury!

So the idea behind the Quick N Easy kits is great make up for busy women. Which I bloomin' LOVE. Ya'll know I am all about that five minute make up. There are four different kits - The Natural Glowing Look, Daytime Chic Look, Red Carpet Party Look & Smokey Eye Evening Look. They all feature products already in the line but the kits are combinations of products to create the desired look. They are all priced at £55 each, which is a bargain if you add up all the products you get in each kit!

Onto my particular kit - The Natural Glowing Kit. I chose this one because it featured 3 products that were on my wishlist. It has: a mini Wonderglow, her glow giving primer; A mini Legendary Lashes mascara, which is great for full voluminous lashes; A Beach Stick cream blush in the shade Moon Beach; A colour Chameleon eyeshadow pencil in Amber Haze & finally a Matte Revolution lipstick in Very Victoria.

This kit in particular tells your to prep with the Wonderglow Primer and Magic Foundation (I already had the foundation) and then you go on to do the rest of the look! There are Youtube videos on each one as well which makes it really easy for anybody to do. The make up is really easy to put together, it took me just under the five minutes it promises to deliver the desired look in - fab (see selfie above for results!)!

I would definitely recommend checking these kits out, especially if you a gal on the go like myself!

What do you think of these 5 minute make up kits? Would you get one?

Shiana xx

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