Saturday, 21 January 2017

Dear Reader: I'm So Proud To Be A Woman

I'm sitting here at 8:45pm on Saturday 21st January 2017, and I feel like I am watching history being made. My heart is soaring with immense pride, hope and love for my fellow women and men who came out today an marched for the Women's March across the entire world.

I've been on countless news sites, and across all my social media today, seeing picture upon wonderful picture of Women and Men of all ages, cultures and colours, join forces and march for Women today, and I am just so very proud. Today, my heart and soul are with these fellow humans.

I stand with: The mothers taking their baby girls to march; the grandmothers dressing like suffragettes, because yes, still relevant in this day and age; and the dads and fathers supporting their daughters and wives and donning a pink hat themselves - I salute every single one of you.

I have been in and out of tears of joy and solidarity for hours, watching America Ferrera say that The President is NOT America, Janelle Monae give a rip roaring speech and Alicia Keys belt out 'This Girl Is On Fire' and my god gals, today we really all were on fire.

As I watch seas of pink hats across the world, (over 100,000 in London alone, and over half a million in DC) I am prouder to be a women than ever before. Everyone today has shown so much strength, courage and fierceness in a world that still doesn't truly accept us as a gender.

Today has shown that when we all get together, we are strong enough to do anything, be anything and make anything happen.

This is an open letter to you all, to say to not give up, to keep going no matter what people say. Keep that fire and ferocity that has been shown today. Let it burn in your belly until you are old and wise and tell your daughters, your daughters daughters and so on about this day.

We can do everything.

Shiana xx  


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