Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Pixi Skincare

If you have been a frequent viewer of my youtube channel, more specifically my Weekly Vlogs, you will know I have been itching to write this post for quite some time now. I have the biggest crush on Pixi Skincare, like you would not believe. This stuff is incredible - the effect, the price and the way they all work together - just incredible.

The first thing I tried from the range was the Hydrating Milky Mist. By the name of the product alone I knew it would be the mist for me. This stuff is like a liquid moisturiser that instantly perks up and hydrates the complexion. Its a total savior on no make up days and also helps massively when you have over powdered that day. A few spritzes of this and your complexion is that of JLo's again, total magic. The mist was totally my gateway product to start a full blown Pixi obsession.

I then tried the Glow Tonic back in September and I haven't touched my usual exfoliator since. My god, I can't believe I waited such a long time to try this product. It became on of my Hero Products of 2016. Within the first week of using this I got so many compliments about my skin, with and without foundation. Its an all round glow-giver and skin perfecter. If you want to see your face at its best, work this into your skincare routine. I promise you won't look back.

On my next round of repurchasing my 2nd bottle of Glow Tonic, Cult Beauty was running a deal where if you spent over a certain amount you got a Nourishing Cleansing Balm, so of course I did. I'm not usually a cleansing balm girl, not sure as to why but I love an oil or an oil based gel usually. Now that I have tried this however, I'm totally converted to balms! My goodness this is like butter for your face. It melts off every scrap of make up and leaves the skin underneath so incredibly soft it has to be felt to be believed!

Finally, the last two products I received in a kit at christmas but have also been really enjoying using them. First being the Glow Mud Cleanser. This cleanser contains 5% glycolic acid so fab for really getting in there and perfect for a second cleanse. Also the matching mask to the cleanser has been a welcome addition to my routine - the Glow Mud Mask. After using this my skin was cleaner looking, brighter and silky smooth. What I liked most about this is that for a clay based mask it wasn't overly stripping and didn't leave my skin feeling dehydrated straight after.

All in all I thoroughly recommend Pixi Skintreats. They are so fantastic and great value for money. If you want to give your skin a new year boost, give Pixi a go!

Shiana xx



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