Monday, 19 June 2017

How to Style A Trench Coat

The humble Trench Coat, a gal's gotta have one in her wardrobe. They are an absolute staple. I own three, that's right my friends, three. My favourite out of all three of them is my classic beige coloured trench. It goes with everything, every mood and every occasion.

The Trench was originally designed as a sturdy item of clothing for Army Officers to wear during the First World War, mainly to keep water from running down their arms when using things such as binoculars and firearms, that's where the arm straps stem from, take that wee bit of knowledge to your next pub quiz!

I remember so clearly the first time I absolutely longed for a trench in my wardrobe, two words, Alexa Chung. Now there is a lady who can wear a trench. I remember seeing her in a combo of grey skinny jeans, a striped Breton tee and red ballet flats with a trench slung over her shoulders in the pages of all my favourite fashion magazines when I was an impressionable teenager, the ultimate cool girl outfit. The next day I was scouring my local high street for a trench.

For me my favourite thing to do with a trench is dress it down. I wear my trench every day with work wear, so on the weekends its fun to wear it casually! Its so easy to do by slinging it over simple blue jeans and a white tee. I'm just trying my best to emulate Chung, lets get real. Also another huge trend this season is Gingham, which is a typically hard thing to style, stick a trench over it, you are done! I have a gingham dress from Primark that looks oh so much more expensive when I pair it with my trusty trench coat.

If you're looking for other ways to style a trench, the lovely people at Jack Wills have a comprehensive guide on how to style your beloved trench. Check out their How to Style a Trench Coat guide! All the know how, who and when about Trench Coats is in there, you name an occasion, they've written up how to work your trench with it.

They have also come out with some totally fabulous new Women's Trench Coats for Spring which are the classic versatile Trench style but with the famous Jack Wills Twist such as branded buttons and of course, the Jack Wills finishing touches you expect. The pieces stay really true to the classic trench shape and I don't know about you, but this bad boy is next on my wish list, Duncombe Trench, be mine! They also have a shorter version for you gals that prefer it, which comes in blush pink *swoon*.

What's your favourite way to style a trench?

Shiana xo

This post is Sponsored  by Jack Wills but all trench coat love entirely my own.

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