Monday, 26 June 2017

Products You Can Steal From Your Boyfriend

I was rummaging around in my other halfs toiletry draw the other day trying to find one of my fave face masks that we share and love, and it got me to thinking about how many other products that we both use and what works just as well for us gals as it does for your babe. Also can we talk about how sometimes its cheaper to buy stuff made for men than for women, not cool!

The first things that are amazing to use are mens razors and shaving cream. Not only are they 12209320 times cheaper but the smoothness is real. Even mens cheap disposable razors give a better shave than your standard Venus. I love mens shaving creams as well, like the Cade Shaving Cream L´Occitane does, the lather is so luxurious, if you haven't tried it, you must! The standard Nivea Mens Shaving Cream is also amazing because it has more anti-irritation properties than your standard women's shaving cream.

Me and Nick share a lot of Kiehl's stuff. I think because the packaging is apothecary style, its kind of not scary to use. Plus all of the products are amazing and do what they say on the tin. The Ultra Facial Toner is Nick's favourite and I steal it all the time when my skin is having a particularly dry moment. I really love the Facial Fuel too for my skin when I'm having an oily dull skin day, it has caffeine in it which really perks up my complexion.

Something else that has been a big thing in the beauty industry as of late has been the introduction of Unisex Fragrances. Jo Malone do loads and even Pharrell Williams himself bought one out. My favourite one though is Molecule 01, its a total classic. Its musky enough for a man but has super sexy fruity undertones that mean you can wear it too. One of my absolute all time favourite winter fragrances. I do have to admit it smells that bit better on Nick though!

When it comes to in shower stuff, we pretty much always share Shampoo, Conditioner and Shower Gel. Nicks favourite of my stash is Bumble & Bumble's Sunday Shampoo. i think this is because he constantly uses beard oil and it really does take away product build up beautifully from all kinds of hair!

I hope you enjoyed this different kind of post and I would absolutely love to know what products you still from your other half!

Shiana xx

This post is sponsored, but all stealing of my boyfriends products is my own!


  1. I have to admit I have used my husbands body spray before. I love the scent plus it reminds me of him all day.

  2. I have to admit I have used my husbands body spray before. I love the scent plus it reminds me of him all day.


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