Monday, 10 July 2017

4 Things On Netflix You Have to Watch

Things on Netflix you Have to Watch 2017

If you know me, you know my intense love for Netflix. I didn't really get into it until I moved to London three or so years ago. We didn't have an aerial in our tiny little studio flat so we had to really make the most of streaming services. Boy, did we get our Netflix on. It's safe to say I'm a Netflix junkie, and with that I have really sorted the good from the bad on Netflix. You are welcome. So with that in mind, here are some absolute corkers that I've been watching that I think you guys will enjoy too!

Orphan Black

Honestly one of the most under talked about TV shows of all time. My god, this is an absolute corker. Those who are in the know, know. This is an amazing scientific thriller and just a general trip. I tried watching it once before and admittedly, I lost interest in the first five minutes, came back to it a few months later and MY GOSH. The show centres around an English gal who was bought up in a foster home, hence the shows namesake, and it follows her journey to finding out where she really comes from. Thats all I can say without ruining it! There are so many twists and turns and lets just say that Tatiana Maslany is an actual QUEEN and I don't quite know how she does it - and leave it at that. Watch it, now!


I watched this because of my love for the 80's, anything to do with the 80's and I am instantly on board. I was the same with Stranger Things (p.s if you haven't watched that, you must do that too!). GLOW stands for the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. But if you think this is gunna just be a ton of the same looking girls pretend fighting each other, you'd be wrong. Alison Brie is the lead who is one of my favourite comedy actresses. She plays an out of work actress who gets a casting call for a job thats looking for different uncommon ladies. Basically theres a character who reflects every kind of girl, and I love it. It's also pretty funny and the soundtrack is cracking.

The People vs OJ Simpson

I kinda sorta half watch this when it was first on the good ol' BBC last year but lets get real guys, real time TV watching does not measure up to a huge weekend TV binge in my humble opinion. I bloody love anything true-crimey and have followed the OJ case for years. It astounds me when you look at all the evidence how the dude got away with it. If you want to know the whole story then watch this. Its brilliant and will make you feel all the feelings.


I had heard loads about this show through twitter and I just didn't fancy it. I am not one for kind of kooky indie comedy but to be honest this isn't really what LOVE is. Its more of a true life telling of relationships. The ups & the downs and the pro's and the con's. It follows two different millennial's, Micky and Gus. Mickey is portrayed as kind of a fuck up at the start but Gus has his shit together, until he gets brutally dumped by his super long term girlfriend and is stuck with nothing but a rug that he never wanted in the first place. Its really excellent and what I didn't know is that one of the creators is actually Judd Apatow. If you liked GIRLS, you would love, LOVE.

Tell me what you've watched on Netflix recently and adored, I'm always looking for new things to binge on! Let me know if you watch any of these as well!

Shiana xx

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  1. Ooh some fab recommendations!! I am dying to watch the people vs OJ Simpson!


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