Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Brilliant Body Care

Great Body Products 2017

Being a beauty blogger, I talk about my face constantly, you guys must be sick of hearing about my face. So for once I'm going to talk about the stuff I slap on my body year round. The products that I cannot live without and that I use every single day.

The Nail Polish Remover

Okay, so not quite a body care product as such, but I have 100% found my favourite nail polish remover. its just over £4 on amazon but you can also get it here. I fell deeply in love with this over the christmas period when I could not keep polishing my nails in glitter, tis the season my friends. This stuff shifts chunky glitter in seconds. SECONDS. It also melts away standard polish in the blink of an eye. I love it.

The Shower Gel

Okay guys, don't hate me but I still have a bottle of Snow Fairy. Sorry, not sorry. I had an insider at my local Lush who informed me of an impromptu post new year Snow Fairy drop and I got involved in a major way. For all my shower gels, I turn to Lush. I have super sensitive skin, that is really prone to coming up in rashes and eczema when I use something other than Lush shower gels. If I'm not using Snow Fairy I use The Comforter which is my all time favourite Lush scent. 

The 'Can't Live Without It' Body Lotion

I am sure you guys are so sick of me featuring this on the blog by now, but I seriously cannot live life without this stuff. I have suffered with KP for years and years and nothing helped until Ameliorate's Transforming Body Lotion. I've never had such a good result with any other body lotion. My arms are silky, even Nick notices and wants to steal what I am using because it makes my skin so soft! Also they just came out with travel mini sets which makes me so delighted, so if you try one thing from this post, let it be this. I have recommended it to so many friends and family who have seen amazing results too!

The Foot Transformer

Okay so I know chatting about feet is absolutely not the sexiest thing I've blogged about but omg this foot cream is the one. After using this I have the smoothest, softest feet ever that I think I could actually be in a Scholl after photo. Soap & Glory's Heel Genius is an excellent, 'does-what-it-says-on-the-tin' kind of a product. I think the fruit acids in it are the magical smoothing ingredient but I even travel with this stuff. Perfect to get them dry feel in flip-flop condition!

The Body Butter

When you say body butter to someone, there is always one brand name that always pops up. The Body Shop. I use Body Butter on the ares that I don't have KP, so on my lower legs and the rest of my body. At the moment I'm still getting through one of the christmas releases, in the Vanilla Chai scent. I am so sad I only bought one of these, the smell is amazing and I really hope they bring it out again this xmas! What I love about them is that they moisturise for 24+ hours. I can use this out of the shower and not have to reapply until my next shower. Its excellent and a lazy girls dream! Also at the moment they have 40% off everything of the site and some of the 400ml body butters are on sale, so you can get twice as much for £12, total bargain!

The Tan

If you hadn't noticed, I am super pale. I am pretty much see-through pale, you can see my veins through my skin all too easily.So I find it incredibly hard to use fake tan without coming out orange or too obvious. Then I tried Liquid Gold. Not only is this supremely easy to use, in the fact that its tinted and you don't have to wash it off straight away, but it doesn't make me look absolutely nuts and a total tanning virgin because I'm a streaky orange mess. Thank you Bondi Sands! There is a reason why people go on about this stuff, it's fab!

What are your can't live without body care products? I have totally found my groove with body care and I know what I use and like, is this what being an adult is about?

Shiana xx

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  1. Snow fairy is one of my ultimate fave shower gels! I always stock up at Christmas season!


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