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Charlotte Tilbury Brand Focus

Charlotte Tilbury Base Products

If you asked me what brand of make up I would wear if I could only wear one for the rest of my life, it would be Charlotte Tilbury. There isn't another brand of make up in which everything I've tried has me seriously impressed and wanting to buy back ups so I am never without. There are still things within the range that I'm desperate to try, even though I have tried ALOT and every new release makes me so excited. I am lucky to have tested most things from the range, and I wanted to do an entire post on all of the things I have tried (which is the majority of her line), in I hope this can help you if you are reading this to pick something to try, or just have an interest in the brand in general. Before you start though, I know I have a Charlotte Tilbury Addict

Wonderglow - This is the only primer in Charlotte's range and quite frankly its the only primer I've ever rated. I am not a primer gal, if Mario Dedivanovic doesn't use it, then I don't need to either. If you are looking for something to make you look like JLo then this is truly it. It plumps, hydrates and makes the skin incredibly luminous. Whenever I use this I always get the compliment 'You look so fresh!' which is always welcomed, seeing as I am the queen of 3am Netflix binges.

Light Wonder - The Light Wonder foundation is like Wonderglow with coverage. This is a good skin day, 20 hours of sleep and a holiday in the Maldives in one bottle. This makes a gal look RESTED. It its in my top three favourite foundations of all time for a reason. Big claim, I know. Even though this is a lighter coverage foundation, it has some magic in it that blurs all your imperfections, and 8 times out of 10, I prefer my skin when I wear this in comparison to when I wear my super full coverage Double Wear. You look like the best version of you, if that makes sense. Also I find that with lighter, water or oil based foundations (this one is water based) you skin eats it up or it wears off easily. With this, it stays through an 8 hour work day, a sweaty hour or so on a train and a spinning session (that one surprised me), whilst melding into the skin as the day goes on instead of wearing away or dissolving into nothing. If you try one thing from Charlotte Tilbury, let it be this. I have converted a lot of people to this foundation!

The Retoucher - The Retoucher is the counterpart concealer to Light Wonder, very light and hydrating and the perfect eye bag hider. A lot of people say it is similar to Touche Eclat but I personally think this is more of concealer than a highlighter (which Touche actually is!). It does have some light reflection in it but it also has salmon undertones that help cover eye bags wonderfully. I went through a stage early this year when I hated wearing heavy concealer and this was a lovely break from it.

Beach Sticks - These sticks were probably the thing that least appealed to me within the range. Not because they looked bad as such, but because I just don't use cream products. I got the full size Moon Beach stick in one of her Quick N Easy kits and fell in love. I am now a total cream product convert and when the warmer weather came around earlier this year I didn't put this down. Moon Beach if I am not mistaken is the most popular one in the range and if I had to compare it to anything I would say its like a cream version of MAC's Warm Soul. They blend like an absolute dream and quickly which is contrary to popular belief when it comes to cream blush. The shade 'Ibiza' is next on my list, which is a cream bronzer. This being so fab makes me desperately want to try her new liquid contour and highlight too!

Charlotte Tilbury Eye Products

Legendary Lashes - This has to be one of the most hyped mascara releases of the last few years (with exception to maybe Roller Lash & Lash Paradise) but with exceptional reason. This gives the thickest, glossiest, blackest black lashes of any mascara I've tried. Even my coveted Volume De Chanel isn't as black as Legendary Lashes. However my own drawback with this mascara is transfer. As someone who uses an oil based under eye corrector every day I found the transfer an absolute deal breaker, which is a huge shame because it ticks ever other box. If Charlotte came out with a waterproof version, I would be first in line though, that's for sure.

Matte Revolution Lipsticks - I've said countless times before that Charlotte Tilbury's Matte Revolution Lipsticks are my favourite matte lipstick formula point blank. They are creamy and moisturising with both staying power and total mattification. Its wonderful. I one day hope to have the entire collection and I think I will finally treat myself to Red Carpet Red come winter this year. It is worth noting that some of the Hot Lips lipstick collection also use the same formula. I have Kidman's Kiss and Secret Salma and they are both the Matte Revolution formula. I would always reach for a Matte Revolution lipstick over a liquid lipstick any day of the week. (I haven't yet tried her Liquid Lip Creams, watch this space!)

Lip Cheat - Now its worth prefacing this with the fact I don't own many lip liners, they are that extra step for me that I don't have time in my day for. However, back in the day before she released the lipstick version, I jumped on the Pillow Talk lip cheat bandwagon and when it comes to lip liners I have never looked back. These lipliners are as good as the rumors, they are creamy, smooth and long lasting. They do not dray, or ball up on application and the colour is brilliantly pigmented. A lot of people compare Kylie Jenner's lipliners to the Lip Cheat formulas and having tried both, Charlotte s are better. I would spend you money (and save the custom fee) on Ms Tilbury instead!

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Products

Luxury Eyeshadow Palettes - These palettes are so gorgeous, they can make any beauty lover swoon, and non beauty lovers! I have the Dolce Vita palette which I have to admit that I don't reach for as much as I should, its a truly stunning palette, and so user friendly. They are all colour coded so even a complete novice can create a make up masterpiece with them. Also, these just don't crease! You put it on at 6am and it sticks around until 6pm like a total trooper. Ever since I got one palette, I have had my eye on the rest, they are so travel friendly too!

Eyes to Mesmerise Cream Shadow - This has got to be one of my favourite products from the line and I need them in every colour! I ave always had a thing from cream shadows, and when I first started blogging I had a huge thing with the colour tattoo ones, until these came into my life! My favourite colour is Bette, its a gorgeously rusty bronze that is perfect for my blue eyes. These can be built

Colour Chameleon Eyeshadow Sticks - Much like the Cream Shadow pots, these are another favourite from her range for me. They are a working gals dream, practically designed for those amazing ladies that do their eyeliner on the tube. You know the ones I'm talking about. These are a foolproof eyeshadow pencil, they are really creamy so easy to apply and blend and once they are on, they are ON.  They are actually designed to bring out different eye colours and weirdly they realkly do make your eye colour pop.

Charlotte Tilbury Face Palettes

Rock'N'Kohl Eyeliner - I'll be honest with you, much like the lipliners, I'm not an eyeliner kohl kind of a gal. However if I do reach for one, its a Tilbury one. They are really easy to work with in terms of blendibility and how little they smear. Its really hard to make a kohl have staying power as well just due to the nature of them, but these set down really nicely. The brown one is next on my wishlist to perfect that perfet Autumn smokey brown eye, dreamy!

Filmstar Bronze & Glow - This has to be the most coveted Contour duo going. The packaging is like something Marilyn Monroe would of used and the product inside is perfection. The contour is the most perfect taupey bronze to create a cheekbone you never knew you had. The highlighter in the palette is one of my absolute favourites as well, its not like a BAM highlight (which you see a ton of these days) its just makes you look really lit from within and pretty. At £49 it is pricey, but there really isn't anything else just the same on the market, and I've tried a ton of so called dupes for this before I took the plunge. It's stunning and fully worth the price tag.

Goddess Skin Clay Mask - I don't own a full size of this, however every time I go past a counter or make an online order I always get a ton of samples. This is a fabulous clay mask specifically for dry skin. It's weirdly moisturising, which you definitely don't think when you hear the worlds ' clay mask'. It leaves the skin really bright, baby soft and very smooth. I know that industry insiders such as Jen Atkin the Celebrity hairstylist absolutely swear by this for clear skin after long haul flights. I think I need to put a full size one on my Christmas list! If it's good enough for Jen...

Charlotte Tilbury Brushes

Tools - My Tilbury tools have to probably be my favourite things out of everything Charlotte Tilbury I have ever bought. I have 4, and a set of mini travel sized ones and without those four brushes now I'd be totally lost. My two favourites are the Powder & Sculpt Brush which I use for contouring, highlighting and setting my under eye make up (definitely not in that order!) and the Eye Blender. Its the best blending brush I have used and a part of my sighs when I have to use my MAC 217 again. The brushes wash like an absolute dream as well and they are perfect and soft now as the day I got them. I also want to talk about the Eyelash Curlers, I swear I've seen nothing about these on the interwebs, which is insane because they are the best eyelash curlers in my opinion! They really can keep a curl in the lashes and they are a great shape for getting every single lash. Plus they are rose gold, which is a total bonus!


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