Friday, 1 September 2017

Our Virgin Holiday Experience

Disney Holiday Virgin Brochure 2018

So I said in this post  that I wanted to write a comprehensive post about our Virgin Holiday experience so far. I wanna say that this is not sponsored, I've just been so impressed and had a few questions about the process so here goes...

First things first, I knew when going into the whole Florida holiday investigation that I wanted to fly with Virgin. Every time I go transatlantic, I fly with them and they are excellent. So I knew that from the off. I mean, you get mini fab ice lollies on board so whats not to love?

When we first started talking about going to Florida we looked into a few options, one of them being staying in a villa, which I had done before but then there was the drawback of one of us always having to drive. Then I looked into just general hotels situated on International Drive which is like the hub of that area, but everything available around that time had really bad tripadvisor reviews, and I treat tripadvisor like a total bible, it has never let me down. So eventually we decided to go all out and stay in a disney property. Plus something else that swayed us was that the free quick service dining plan when you stay in a moderate disney hotel got released, which in the long run will save us a ton of money. When we go, it will also be my birthday, and I can't think of anything more special than being in disney and staying in a disney hotel for my birthday, literally a life's dream.

I was originally going to book flights and hotel etc separately though Walt Disney but I decided against this because I couldn't book flights and everything else at the same time, which I didn't like because I'm a total control freak! So I was looking on the Virgin Holiday's site. There were a few good options but they were just coming up to near £10,000 booking a year and a bit in advance, which obviously was so out of our and tbh any normal humans price range.

So totally fed up and a bit defeated, we decided to go to our local Virgin Holiday's rep in store. I am so so glad we did. We met the lovely Emma, who could not be more well qualified to advise us on our Disney holiday if she tried, she had been 26 bloomin' times! 26! She knew everything.

She advised us on school holidays, which hotels were best for a couple and the hotels that were going to be under construction at the time we were wanting to go. We were lucky that we went in because we were going to pick either Caribbean Beach or Old Key West resort and they were both going to be under refurbishment at the time. On her advice, we picked Port Orleans, French Quarter. She told us that it would be one of the quieter ones in terms of families as it is one of the smaller resorts and also that it would be easier to get transport as their is only one bus stop and French Quarter is the only pick up and drop off for the Disney transport that operates there, which really works for us impatient ex Londoner's haha!

I also want to add how helpful Emma our agent has been the whole time, any time I have had questions she gets back to me straight away like 'It's handled' - she is like the Olivia Pope of Disney holidays and did I mention she is totally brilliant?

So at the moment thats where we are at, when it comes closer to the time I will let you know our plans. To be totally honest we are just going to take each day as it comes, other than planning to go to Magic Kingdom on the first day because obvs and Universal on the second because Harry Potter we haven't set anything in stone. I also am so excited because the Toy Story part of Hollywood Studios will have just opened in the summer so fingers crossed we can get some fast passes, very exciting.

If you have any Disney advice or must-do's or must eats to be honest then please do let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear from you!


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