Thursday, 9 November 2017

10 Things I Miss About The 00's

The TV, hours of watching Laguna Beach or The Hills or even The O.C on a Saturday, The Simple Life, Shipwrecked. Also does anyone else remember T4, what happened?! T4 on the beach in the summer was always a major highlight. TV these days is just absolutely not the same and it makes me all kinds of sad.

The use of glitter in makeup was so much more widely accepting in the 00’s, glitter on your eyes, your chest, your hair. You name a place, it was okay for glitter to be there. Basically your gal just wants to wear more glitter in 2017 and not be asked if I’m going to a festival.

Princess bed nets. OMG did any of you have one of these?! IKEA did them in the 00’s and it was my prize possession in my room. I literally felt like a queen lying in my groovy chick sheets under my net. I was deffo too old for one, but I did not give a damn.

00’s It Girls. Micha Barton, Mena Suvari, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie. The Kardashians were just a twinkle in the eye of pop culture back then. With this the obsession with American Apparel & Kitson. ASOS had only just been founded and was actually called As Seen On Stars and sold a ton of jewellery that was seen on the aforementioned it girls. Can you even imagine?!

Neopets. End. I still to this day every now and again use my same neopets log in for other things. The nostalgia is real.

00’s bands. The Gossip, The Rumble Strips,  Black Kids & with that the release of the first iPod. I only got one when the 1st generation of iPod Nano’s came along but man oh man, my friend had an iPod mini and still to this day I feel like they are one of the coolest pieces of kit I’d seen at the time.

The iconic couples of the noughtie's. Nick Lachey 7 Jessica Simpson, Bennifer - the first couple ship name the world had seen. 

BLOCKBUSTER. Tape rental in general. How good was it going to the video shop on a Friday and knowing the commitment you had to make to be watching that tape for the rest of the weekend. The arguments had with parents and siblings over this one are count

MSN. Getting home and going on MSN to chat with the friends you had literally just seen was where it was at. Also getting that custom name just right with the perfect amount of brooding emo lyrics and emoticons. Yeah world ~ i'M nOt OkAy ~.

Pink Motorola Flip Phone, iPhones just don't have the same amount of sass as these bad boys had. You could jazz them up with diamante's you bought from claires, and even put a super snazzy phone charm on if you gelt that way inclined.

What do you miss for the 00's?


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