Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Four Things I Bought This Weekend

You know when you are on a no spend November and then you see/read about all the things you want? Yeah that was this weekend. I happened to fall into my local Boots and John Lewis and found some bits I liked (and couldn't resist) and thought I would share them with you.


I have been wanting to find a good bargain facial oil for ages and on my weekly scrollling through the boots website I came across this one. It's a blend of essential oils and has no mineral oil in which is really hard to find for a bargain price so I'm really excited to start using it. I am almost out of my favourite Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate so hopefully this will be a good replacement. I will report back.


I was recently watching a Laura Lee video about how to avoid cakey foundation and she spoke about this product (the american equivalent) and it instantly went on my list. I always have cake foundation in winter, mostly because my skin is so dehydrated. I have done everything should of going on a drip of water to avoid this so any product that promises to give my thirsty skin a drink, I'm there for. I have tried it once so far and I really like the texture, it's very water based and not tacky or full of silicone. My skin drinks it up instead of it just sitting on the top of my face which is just what I need/


I went to look at the MAC counter in pure desperation due to hitting pan in my beloved Amber x 9 palette in the colour Georgia Peach, which annoyingly MAC don't sell as a single. I enlisted one of the MAC girls (she was amazing!) and she helped me out to find a dupe, its called Malt and its Matte shade. It looks really light in the pan but goes on the lid a warm orangey beige and looks really flattering. I also picked up Soba after hearing so many great things about it, I thought it would be great on the days where I want to go a bit darker on the eye.

Did you pick up anything good this weekend, or do you have anything burning a hole on your wish list? Let me know down below!


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