Tuesday, 14 November 2017

How to Blog with a Full Time Job

I have been blogging for almost 4 years now and I will be the first to admit that I have been inconsistent in terms of posting. In some months it was due to many factors, like being wholly uninspired, tired or just not having the light around getting home from work to get a photo cos I need to get a post up like right here right now. Blogging when its not your full time job is hard work, and those who do it, god damn, do they know what I mean.

Since moving I feel like I have actually for once got my shit together and worked out ways around blogging with a job and I wanted to share some of my top tips in case you are having a particularly tricky time of it right now.


I put day in commas for a reason, as it can just be a few hours in the morning depending on how quickly you work or how many ideas you have bubbling out of your brain. My Blogging day is a Sunday. I like to ensure that I dedicate at least one morning or half a day of my weekend to my blog. This can be doing anything from writing posts, taking photos (which is usually the main thing) or doing blog admin. But I set this in stone, I make it a part of my schedule for that day, as if I don't make the time for it I won't do it or at least get the bulk of what needs to be done, done. Top tip for all you Weekend bloggers, Spotify's Sweet Soul Sunday playlist is the best stuff to blog to imho.


Bleurgh. The dreaded 'O' word. When you organise peoples lives for a living, when you get home the last thing you want to do is organise yourself, you just wanna curl up in a blanket burrito and eat carbs. I know, I'm right in the blanket burrito with you gal. BUT (hear me out) Blogging with a job has got so much easier since I made myself a lil blogging schedule and pre planned my content. I like to keep a week or two ahead of myself and that sets me up for anything that might come up in life and work that mean I have to push my blog brain to one side for a bit. It helps! Trust me. I aim to post twice a week, and I found that when I did this people have been far more engaged with the two posts that are put up than 5 rushed posts with a picture I took on my phone because OMG I HAVE NO TIME LEFT. Also if you are anything like me, one week you have all the ideas of posts to write and for the next two your brain is like a useless potato that lives inside your head. 


This is something I have only learned recently. I can do anything but not everything. This time last year I was so focused on getting a 5* insta feed, a bangin' Youtube channel and a picture perfect blog. But you know what happened? I quit doing it all for a couple of months because it all got too much. At the moment I am just mainly focusing on my blog and my content has been the best its been in ages and I truly think its because I'm not worrying about all the other channels. Also taking the time for my blog has meant I've taken ace photos to upload to Instagram so that its naturally developing as a by product of giving my blog the TLC it needed. You don't need to do all the things. As my homeboy Ron Swanson would say: Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing.


The main thing I wanna stress about being a blogger with a job is to not feel guilty all the time. It's something I massively struggled with when I first started and I wanted to dedicate all my time to it but just didn't have the mental capacity. That's okay though, sometimes real life adulting comes first and that is perfectly okay. If you miss one blog upload day because you were busy with work or had a wedding to go to that weekend (or a stonking hangover from the depths of hell, guilty as charged) nobody is going to mind but you. I promise your readers will still come back next time for new content.

I hope these little things I've learned helped you out a little if you are struggling to balance things, some of them may seem like 'well, duh?!' but they do help once you put them into action!

Do you blog with a full time job, tell me more below!


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