Sunday, 8 July 2018

Hi there, a lot has happened!

So I haven't written to you guys in about 384849 years. I'm not sure on the reason, I know that a ton of other things have been a priority and I've just been enjoying life.

On the subject of life you may have seen on my instagram that in April, Nick & I got engaged. It was a complete surprise, I was 100% not expecting it but couldn't be happier. It had been such a long time coming, it's something we always knew would happen and something we both discussed and wanted from day dot but for it to come to fruition had me completely speechless, and if you know me you know I am never speechless! We have just been in the post engagement bubble for a few months now. With regards to a wedding no solid plans, we've looked at a few venues but we're paying for it ourselves and holy shitballs are weddings EXPENSIVE.

In terms of other things that have been happening its pretty much the same sort of thing. I've been on a health journey since the new year after some serious back issues at the end of last year kicked me in the ass made me check myself and I knew I needed to drop a few pounds and live a healthier life. Especially with Florida in October I knew I needed to get fitter. So I stared hitting the gym and eating my five a day and I'm living such a better life now which is great.

With the future of my blog I'm not really sure whats happening. My love of beauty is massively still there, but the funds to be consistently updating this space with new launches and hauls etc is just not there anymore. I also have a lot of other loves such as interiors, cooking, eating out and reading that I want to incorporate into this space which I hope will be of interest to you.

So with the in mind I will be back soon, but if you don't see me on here I will be on twitter and youtube for sure!


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