Monday 2 October 2017

The New Autumn Do'

You know when you are just desperate for change? So much has changed in my life recently, new job, new home, new routine. There was so much new that I feel like I just want to reset everything else. I don't do things by halves. Last time I went to get my do' did by my wonderful sister from another mister, Charlotte Jarvis at Reed Hair I showed her photos of Tanya Burr's new Lob on Instagram and she just said to me 'we are absolutely doing that kind of cut when you are next here!'. So the next time came round quickly and the two weeks before my cut I was just getting sick of my long hair. It had become unmanageable and frustrating to work with. It was knotting up the second I wore it down, and I felt more like the hair was wearing me instead of the other way around. It was time for the chop.

I was so excited when salon day rolled around, I practically squealed in Charlottes face 'We're going short!!' the minute I saw her. It's the best having a hairdresser that gets as excited for the big hair changes as you do! I have also had short hair before and I didn't quite get how to style it properly, so Charlotte being the total babe she is showed me how when we got to the styling stage.

I feel so much lighter and happier and myself already, it sounds stupid I know, but it is amazing what a good cut can do to your mood. Change your hair, change your life is the saying and I think it some sense its true!

In terms of what I'm doing to style it, I bought myself this tong, which is 25mm so the perfect barrel for this length of hair and I took the clamp off and use it as a wand. I curl each bit of hair a different way to get a more beachy kind of look and I also use a bit of a texture spray. I have my eye on this Kerastase one after it was used on me yesterday, it gives amazing texture!

I hope you like my new lob, what was the last big hair change you made?


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