Dear Reader: A Few Birthday Gifts

Thursday, 20 October 2016

As some of you may know, it was my birthday this past Sunday, and I'm now the ripe old age of 24. To me this is crazy. Twenty-freakin'-four!

I was really lucky this year, I got some amazing gifts and am incredibly grateful!

I always say the Birthdays are the time when you should ask for things that you usually wouldn't buy for yourself, and thats very much what happened for me this Birthday in particular!

On my actual birthday I had a very me kind of day. I chilled out in my pyjamas, watched Jurassic Park & Sisters, with Nick, my Sister, my Brother & my Mum. It was all kinds of wonderful not having to go anywhere, or do anything and just fully wind down. Also we had margeritas on tap for most of the evening, so that was pretty darn awesome too!

I was going to write a whole post and go through each gift seperately and what I thought of it but I think its nicer to just keep schtum and appreciate them for what they are and share the little photo with you guys.

I have done a full video on what I got for my birthday which is embedded below this so I hope you enjoy! Please subscribe to my channel if you haven't already - I'd really appreciate it :)

Thank you to all of the people who wished me a Happy Birthday too - in a way, each of you made my birthday that bit more special!

What are you favourite things about Birthdays? Leave a comment down below!

Shiana xo

Bobbi Brown Crush

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

I have a confession to make. Until a few weeks ago, I had never tried Bobbi Brown make up. Dun Dun duuuuunnn. I know, am I really even a beauty blogger? I had never really seen the products in action, Bobbi Brown isn't a brand that gets a lot of love in the Youtube world so maybe thats why I've never felt a real lust for the stuff. I started a serious Kate La Vie youtube video binge and she made me want all the Bobbi Brown! Also I read this blog post of hers talking about a gorgeous shadow combo, after that I knew I had to make my first purchase.

Sparkle Eyeshadow in Pebble: One of the first eyeshadows Kate mentioned in the post is the Sparkle Eyeshadow in Pebble. I've never been a sparkle eyeshadow kind of gal until I met this one. The thing I love most about this is that its subtle grown up glitter. The base of the formula is sheer, so the glitter itself is the colour if that makes sense. I wore it to a family 'do and got so many compliments about it. It catches the light beautifully and draws the attention to your eyes. Also theres not a tone of awful glitter fall out from these, which is the best thing ever!

Long Wear Cream Shadow in Stone: What I've been putting underneath Pebble is Stone Cream Shadow. Not only is it a great base for the Sparkle Shadow to adhere to, but if gives the eye some subtle definition. Its a cool toned lilac taupe. When you look at on the web, it looks like it will have shimmer but if it does its pretty subtle. I could wear this day to day with ease. Its the perfect eyeshadow when you want something but not too much. The texture of these shadows is stunning as well, really smooth and creamy.

Long Wear Cream Shadow in Sand Dollar: I grabbed another Cream shadow after my love affair with Stone. This one is Sand Dollar and is a shimmer. the best way to describe this is a metallic tourmaline shade which is perfect for everyday, or even inner corner highlight! The texture is just as beautiful, even though the finish is difference which is brilliant as sometimes this tends to change. These last a full work day too, I can confirm, my friends!

Creamy Corrector in Porcelain Bisque: As the weather changes, I get 10489392x more tired and no matter how much eye cream I slather on, the dark bags under my eyes do not let up. Bobbi Brown's Creamy Corrector is some what of a cult favourite and it was one of the things that sprang to mind after seeing my dark circles. Man oh man, is this product ace. It brightens my under eyes instantly and when set with a powder it lasts and lasts. Its an instant favourite of mine and if you are like me and haven't tried it yet, get your toosh down to your nearest Bobbi brown counter stat!

So guys, heres the part where you enable me, what elese is good that you've tried from Bobbi Brown, I gotta try more! Give me all of your recommendations down in the comments below!

Shiana xo


Haircare Must Haves

Friday, 14 October 2016

As you guys know, I am going through a bit of a moment when it comes to haircare at the minute. For most of my 24 years, my hair has been the last thing I have thought about. I have been through various hair colours, had my hair bleached and straightened it within an inch of its life. Needless to say, my hair isn't the happiest! I was on the hunt for some products that would heal my poorly hair. In steps Unwash.

I have been aware of Co-Washing for some time, but due to the greasy and thick nature of my hair I thought it would never work for me. Co Washing is short for 'Conditioner Washing'. It is supposed me make you hair smoother, soft and more manageable than washing in the traditional way.

Unwash has completely changed my mind about co-washing! I used their Hydrating Masque* and the temptation to shampoo the product out of my hair was strong, my friends. However I rinsed it out thoroughly and blow dried my hair as normal and the difference in the texture of my hair was astounding. I felt like I was in a hair advert, it was swishy, light and softer than soft.

What I was most impressed about with the Hydrating Masque is the fact that the hydration it gave actually lasted for the rest of the week, even after I next washed my hair in the traditional way.

Another product from Unwash I have been enjoying is the Dry Cleanser* - aka dry shampoo! What I specifically like about the Dry Cleanser is that it doesn't have that powdery residue that many others do. Plus it does actually make my hair feel clean, and not just full of product!

What do you guys think about Co-Washing? Let m know if you've ever tried it and what your thoughts are down in the comments below!

Shiana xo

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