Thursday 26 October 2017

Why We Should All Support Each Other

Supporting everyone comes to me really naturally. I am a born cheerleader. I love to see people doing well. To this day I have never done a thumbs down on youtube, truly, being super negative about someone else's creation or story just seems counter productive to me.

However there are some people in this world that just want to tear people down. It completely baffles me when I overhear girls fully laying into other girls appearance or likeness. Or when I read a hate comment on social media. What's the point? What is that person achieving from it? As many wise people have said before me, blowing out someone else's flame doesn't make yours burn brighter.

Up until the last few jobs I have had, I have never worked in an atmosphere where women haven't been pitted against each other. Constantly feeling in competition does not create happiness or stability let me tell you. When I was an intern there were two other ladies that worked above me that would consistently undermine me and make me feel embarrassed about sharing my thoughts, feelings or opinions, I always felt like the both of them were waiting for me to fail. While I was there telling them how nice they looked that day or how excellent they had organised an event. I am always team girl. What I want to know is, how did that enrich their lives?

A few months ago I was having a super shitty day so I decided to share a little bit of love, I wrote back to girls on twitter saying 'yes girl, that post was amazing', or commented on an Instagram post with compliments (much deserved compliments, might I add) and the replies I received back, I'd made some of them a tiny bit happy, and that in turn made me feel god damn amazing. What could be better than making someone else happy?

I don't want to just think that it was the way I was raised that makes me so supportive. I want to believe that each of us can support each other in a small way every day. Even if you do something small like share this post, that would make my day. Or when you read on twitter that someone is having a bad day send a photo if a cute animal or just a few words or hope. Those tiny things that cost you no money and barely any time can make someone's entire day, and how fantastic is that?

How will you support someone today?


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