Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Are Oval Brushes Better?

Detail 3 Brush

With so many options for make up application today, how can a gal possibly choose? For years it was the norm to slap your slap on with your hands. Then out of nowhere we graduated to those paintbrush style foundation brushes, which in my humble opinion, were a horrible time in make up that I think we should all just forget about. In recent years we have been given an abundance of choices, from buffing brushes, to beauty blenders. We have a whole host of application options, and how on earth can you decide on whats best? Most recently however, Oval Brushes have been on the scene. A bit terrifying looking to the everyday make up consumer these bad boys are designed to make your make up application, fast, easy and high definition. Ever since I bought a £2.99 knock off Oval brush on Amazon about 2 years ago I have been obsessed.

Brushworks Oval Colection

Why so obsessed, I hear you cry? The finish. I am a very busy and very lazy lady. I want my base to look flawless but fast. Oval brushes give the flawless look I want but in a few swipes. Unlike your standard buffing brush where there is some work and a fair amount of pressure on the brush required to get a good finish, Oval brushes do the work for you. My current favourite's are the Brushworks Oval Brushes*. When these came through my door I was so excited! Not only are they absolutely beautiful, but the quality is amazing and completely rivals my eye-wateringly expensive Artis Brush. These stunners come in different sets for what you are needing. My favourite set is the Combo Set because it includes the awesome Oval 6 brush, which is my fave for foundation, the Flat Round Brush which is really good for detailed concealer application and especially fantastic for getting around the nose and my absolute favourite of the whole lot - the Detail 3 Brush, which I adore for smudging Kohl and darker eyeshadow onto my lash line.

What is your favourite way to apply your base?


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