Thursday 21 September 2017

My Dream Work Space

When me and Nick first started looking for a new home, we both were really adamant about having a 2nd bedroom. Not just for family & friends but for us to work in. I am really lucky to be with someone who knows I need that other space away from the homey areas to get my head down and work. He's also the same and tends to use my iMac and desk as much as me. I knew that I wanted a white desk with clean lines, a glass top and storage as I wanted to put all my make up in the drawers. I wanted a completely multi-functional space, where I could blog, make videos and do make up in the morning.

I looked at a few different places, I fell in love with one from West Elm initially but then I realised I'm not rich, to be totally honest, and I couldn't warrant spending £600 or so on a desk when we had so many other things to pay for. So I had a look at the Hygena Range on Argos but no luck (worth checking out if you want contemporary furniture for a decent price FYI) and I then stumbled on of of The Anna Edit's old videos and she had a perfect dressing table, and bonus it was from IKEA! In the end I got the White Malm dressing table and I couldn't be happier. Even though its from IKEA its exactly what I had in my head that I wanted and I fits all my make up with room for cute notebooks in the drawers!

In terms of styling my desk I had collected a few things over the years that I knew I wanted to incorporate and a few more recent buys with my desk space in mind. Also I knew that I wanted it to be both a beauty and work space, which is perfect as I use it for blogging and I get inspired every time I sit down.

Both my Pen Pot, and Liquid Lip pot I have had for a few years, and I will probably change these up at some point as I think the gold accent clashes with the copper details (which I prefer) but for now I think they work in the space. I always get asked about the Pen Pot and its actually a mug from Urban Outfitters three or four years ago that was too impractical for tea. Also the Liquid Lip pot if from HM home, its a total blogger cliche I know but if you can't buy a mug adorned with a gold New York skyline in your 20s, when can you? This has sold out but they recently just started doing one really similar here.

The Brush pot I have is a bit of a DIY job, I basically got plain cheap whisky glasses from Dunelm and spray painted them copper, super easy to do but effective and the perfect height for putting brushes in without them falling out, the struggle was so real when trying to find something that my Artis Brush didn't fall out of! Next to this is my favourite scent from Diptyque, Gardenia. I love Floral scents and I think they make a room smell so fresh! This one is almost done which breaks my heart, but the next one I get will probably be the Rose scent or Feu de Bois (which smells like wood fires) as winter is coming up. Underneath the brush post is where I store all my favourite lipsticks and bits of make up that I cherish. The drawers are from Amazon and came with a detachable lipstick stand on top which was really handy when we didn't have much storage space!

My vase is from Oliver Bonas and it is my favourite thing on the desk. It is the colour palette I am going to use when I jazz up the spare bed with throws and pillows. I saw this the afternoon we put an offer in on the flat and didn't stop thinking about it for two weeks straight. When it went on sale for half the price I knew I had to have it and I'm so glad I waited that bit longer! Unfortunately it's no longer available but they have a very similar one here & here.

My 'Bloom Where You are Planted' print I found after a bad time at an old job and I love seeing it while  I'm squirreled away working. Its silly that one phrase can inspire a person so much but I truly believe you should strive to be a good human being in any situation and its a good reminded to have! I really want an obscure Parks & Rec quote that looks the same astride it!

I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know your thoughts in the comments down below!


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