Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Three Splendid Sheet Masks

Soap & Glory is one of my favourite, skincare brands. I think it is incredibly underrated. Everything I have bought from the skincare range just truly works. I love products that do what they say on the tin. As you know I have an ongoing love affair with the Speed Plump moisturiser to prep my skin for make up. So when I saw that they had started doing sheet masks and the like in Boots, I'll be honest with you guys, I lost my damn mind (in a good way). So far I have only tried three out of the five new offerings but I wanted to share my thoughts...

Bright & Beautiful Radiance Boosting Mask - I was really excited to use the Vitamin C mask, mostly because anything that swears its going to brighten up my complexion is a yes from me. This is the one I saw the least amount of difference from, other than it giving me a really wet face, I mean seriously this is a wet wet mask. Although there wasn't a noticeable brightening effect, my complexion was a lot clearer in terms of blemishes being reduced which was a plus.

Puffy Eye Attack Brightening Eye Gels - These I absolutely LOVED. I used them just after my move when I had been packing for four days straight, I can't stress how tired I was, like guys even the bags under my eyes needed unpacking. These really hit the spot in terms of smoothing, plumping and hydrating my under eye area. At first, I put them far too close to the bottom of my eye and they did sting a bit, but once you get the position right (along your orbital bone) they are perfection. They give the same hydrating and rejuvenating effect as more expensive products on the market and at £3.50 these are worth every penny. I can imagine them being amazing during a long haul flight, or post flight.

Speed Plump Miracle Moisture Mask - I really enjoyed this mask too, it is a hydrogel mask, just like the eye one and I really enjoyed not only the novelty but how cooling it felt on my face. It was a little harder to apply that a regular sheet mask as its quite slippery, but there isn't any dripping of product when its actually on your face which is a huge plus for me. It's the worst when all the good product slides down your neck! In terms of the effect it has on your skin it is very plumping and my skin felt very hydrated after using it.

I'd say that these are definitely a wonderful alternative to the pricer masks out there, I've really enjoyed using them and I will definitely keep a back up of the Speed Plump Mask and Eye gel masks as they are really skin boosting!


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