Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Is There Room For Me?

In more recent years, blogging has absolutely exploded. Everyone wants a piece of the pie, young or old. I can entirely understand why, blogging is a big business, you'd much rather buy a product on a recommendation from someone who feels like your friend, a real life human than from the pages of a magazine, and because of this money is being thrown at the bloggersphere. As a relatively older blogger in a world where the newest thing is always best, I can't help but think, is there room for me?

As much as I write about what I love, I do feel this nagging need to give the internet all of me. I feel like a love of beauty is not enough any more, a simple review doesn't keep an audience and you need to be more or they will move onto the next person that is practically the same as you. The phrase 'Over Saturated' is something I hear all the time, and it makes me eternally sad.

I also have recently noticed the rise of the Micro Influencer, but when you are too micro to even be a micro influencer, where is there to go? Especially with shitty algorithms that continue to force down your views, how can someone grow? It's not like it was in 2009, or even 2014, when I started. As a blogger you are expected to be equipped with everything from the beginning. Your insta feed should envy a professional photographers and everything needs to be editorial. But part of me feels like what's the point of that? I know that I started reading blogs to see a normal gal like me help me find a foundation I'd like or make me laugh with an embarrassing story of their day. It's simply not like that any more. I feel a pressure to be a creative professional and this is just my hobby. Give me swatches taken with an iPhone back! I also feel like because everything is so edited, we don't get the true feelings through a post anymore, and I feel like I am a culprit of this and I'm even sick of myself.

I guess I'm writing this post in case I'm not alone in feeling like this. I wanna know what you guys as readers or bloggers think about the bloggersphere now, do you like it better more polished or do you miss how it was when everyone was obsessed with Gosh Lipsticks and Palmers Gradual Tan?

Let me know in the comments down below!


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