Thursday 12 October 2017

Make Up Switch Ups for Autumn

I don't about you lovelies, but the minute the seasons click, the humidity goes out of the air and the heating goes on, my make up just doesn't sit the same way that it did mere weeks ago. Autumn, eh? My old pal.

There are a few things I do when this happens and one of them is making swaps and additions to my make up bag and routine in order to make it look as bangin' as possible. Tis the season where moisture is key!


The first thing I do is add in a more moisturising base thats a bit heavier that what I'd wear in the summer. For this its either the IT Cosmetics CC Cream, the Giorgio Armani Power Fabric or Estee Lauder Double Wear. I like a bit more coverage in the A/W seasons due to wearing bolder lip colours and I also like to wear something I know isn't going to cake up due to how dry my skin gets in Autumn and Winter.  I also use two concealers instead of one. I use Bobbi Brown's Corrector and something a bit more liquidy over the top like the NARS Creamy Concealer or Collection Lasting Perfection to just really tackle those eye bags that get that bit bluer at this time of year. I also tend to stray away for powder and super strong highlighters and opt for a matt beigey kind of blush just to keep everything a bit more simple. I also reach for a damp sponge more than a buffing brush in A/W just to give my skin a bit more glow and moisture.


When it comes to Autumn, I am 100% back on board with eyeshadow. It always slips right off my eyelids when the weather is warm but when its cooler eyeshadows are my absolute jam! An old bae that comes out year after year since I bought it is MAC's neutral eye offering - Amber times Nine. I bloody adore this palette for its versatility and how many different looks I can get out of it. Charlotte Tilbury's iconic Dolce Vita eye quad also comes out at this time of year. I also bang out a few kohl liners in various browns and black and the trusty winged liner becomes an option for me again. I bloody love this time of year! All hail not having oily lids!


As I mentioned before, moisture is key when it comes to A/W. One of my more recent discoveries is the Kiehls Butterstick Lip Colours and these are bloody perfect! They come in so many colours and are just as pigmented as a lipstick but so moisturising and they aren't super shiny on the lips like a balm either. I can't wait to get more colours, I currently have Naturally Nude on rotation and I always reach for it over a traditional lipstick. If I do go for a lip colour at this time of year its a bold one. Typically Charlotte Tilbury's Glastonberry or Red Carpet Red.

Those are my Autumn & Winter switches, what do you change about your make up this time of year?


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