Tuesday 28 August 2018

The Dry Shampoo that Actually Cleans Your Hair

I'll be honest, I'm a self titled dry shampoo connoisseur. I know the good bad and the ugly, the ugly being the ones that leave a horrible white cast in your hair all day while at the same time making it greasier? I'm looking at your first gen OG Batiste. Luckily it's gotten better through time and now Batiste does have its place in my hair routine but only as a texture spray. I have been using the OUAI dry shampoo foam and absolutely loving it, but the can was drying up, so I was looking for something new to try and along came a lovely box from the guys at Influenster came through the post and this gorgeous can of Living Proof Perfect Hair Day dry shampoo were the contents.

I've been using this now for about 2 weeks and I have been really enjoying it. The main thing that differentiates this dry shampoo from the many others on the market is how clean this makes your actual scalp feel, it makes third day hair feel like morning of second day hair, which is amazing! It doesn't leave a white cast or residue even though it has a super strong spray on it. It is fragranced but not so much that you can overwhelmingly notice, it just smells like expensive shampoo. This stuff is especially good on problem areas like my fringe for example, no stringy fringe with a blast of PHD dry shampoo - glorious!

After trailling my first Living Proof product I can absolutely see why Jen Aniston loves it so much. I smell like a queen and my hair washes are lasting an extra day or two! Brb just living my cool girl hair dreams!


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