Tuesday 4 September 2018

Why I Love The Midsize Style Movement

If you've been following me for a while on various platforms you will know that I only really share my face. Its not that I'm uncomfortable with my body, self conscious or embarrassed, I've just not really felt like people care, or want to see. 

In the bloggersphere (up until recently) there hasn't been many people I have been able to relate to in terms of style and finding pieces that work with my mid size body. In fact when you google the term Midsize Style pictures of cars come up, why guys, why?!

I'm a 12-14, a bit fluffy in the middle with big boobs and even bigger thighs. So when the account Midsize Collective and the wonderful hashtag Average Girl Size popped up on Instagram I wanted to do a lil dramatic cry with joy, I didn't know what was hugely missing from my feed until this came along. It was filling up with gals just like me, I could finally start finding outfits that suit my shape and were flattering and awesome middle sized girls who were absolutely killing it in the fashion game. My wardrobe has improved SO much since it came around.

Not only that but also my confidence to take photos of my entire bod cladded proudly in size 14 jeans and tops that are maybe a bit *too* tight over my boobs has completely skyrocketed and as a result of being more comfortable taking and sharing full body shots of myself has improved my relationship with my own body. I feel more at ease with myself, and safe in the knowledge its not just me. Not that it ever was but social media and especially Instagram is becoming so much more inclusive to the normal gal instead of being over saturated with crazy fitness models (good on them to be fair) and ex love island contestants with face tuned bodies. I am absolutely here for seeing me ladies just like me.

I am so appreciative to not only the midsize ladies showing up on insta and owning it but to all the ladies who came previously who have worked their beautiful assess off to normalise bodies of all sizes.

Filling my feed with gorgeous inspirations ladies of all shapes and sizes is the best thing I've ever done and I hope that the midsize movement is here to stay.


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