Sunday 2 September 2018

Spilling The Tea, Why Current Influencer Culture Makes Me Uncomfortable

As I write this, a lot has been happening in the world of influencing. There is a drama a day in the community, whether it be who has fallen out with whom, who is buying followers, who is subtweeting that person and who got that press trip over another person. With all these things comes a subversive narrative making out for that particular person being the epitome of all evils and how everyone should be taking sides. This my friend, has got to stop.

When I first started blogging, my genuine reason was to make friends with people who loved make up and who cared as much about the new lipstick launch as I did. At some point in the 5 or so years I've been doing this for, something has changed. The bloggersphere has more recently made me feel uncomfortable to be a part of. The reason? Spilling the tea. 

I see such a huge percentage of subtweeting, shading and finger pointing in comparison to lifting people up. Spilling the tea is now the name of the game. Videos and posts that allude to a bigger negative narrative get more hits than an honest to goodness lifestyle post or vlog these days. I am now uncomfortable by big number wins on my platforms, to the point of when I got a little surge of Instagram followers the other day due to an awesome repost, I was worried that someone somewhere would be accusing me of buying bots instead of being like congrats hun, you're doing amazing sweetie. 

I feel like the community now has a witch hunting mentality where we are all so quick to point out peoples wrongdoings yet practically ignore their accomplishments big or small. Blowing out someone else's candle does not make yours burn any brighter.

I think what we all forget about each other is that we are all only human. We are all only trying our best, whether it is right or wrong we all do things we think are right for us at that moment in time. There is a similar kind of system in the workforce where everyone is quick to place fault instead of recognising the human behaviour behind why the fault happened in the first place. I think its incredibly important to consider consequence before fault or placing blame, shame or any of the above on anybody. I want to strip things back and turn a new leaf where everyone asks 'Are you okay?' instead of racing to criticise. Support the little things instead of just the really big things and high five bloody everything!

What are your thoughts gals, do you think blogging has changed? Let me know your comments down below, I'd love to know if its not just me and what steps we can take to change things up!


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