Autumn Lip Edit

Friday, 23 September 2016

I think its safe to say its officially Autumn guys, i'm so happy about that. Next week I'm up off north to see family and I could not be more excited! Plus its gunna be a wee bit colder up there, total brucey bonus. I thought I'd do a little lip edit of what I'll be wearing this Autumn. I'm not really one for a purpley/plum lip colour, I save that for more around Christmas-time. However in Autumn I do love me a brown tone. All these have slight brown undertones in common!

Charlotte Tilbury - Bond Girl: This is my forever Autumn colour. Its such a grown up nude. It's one of those ones that looks super scary and brown in the tube but when its on the lips its a creamy rose toned matte lip, perfect if you are pale like me and I think this would be the ultimate nude for you women of colour! Its seriously stunning and Charlotte Tilbury's Matte Revolution lipsticks are my absolute favourite lipstick formula as they are moisturising mattes with serious staying power!

Kylie Lipkit in Koko K: Right guys, I caved in to the hype. This is the perfect transitional pink for Autumn because of its peachy/brown undertones. Its great for everyday because man do these stay put! Its an excellent formula, but not for the faint hearted, you have to work these off with some oil! That aside, wonderful liquid lip and i'll be wearing this a ton this Autumn.

Mac Fast Play: This is MAC Mehr's creamier sister. This is a stunning brown toned pink that is really nourishing. I've made so many people have try this on and it is flattering on everyone as it has the right amount of pink! The Amplified Creme finish of these means that it packs some serious pigment and means let reapplying throughout the day - ace!

Nars Cruella: Nars Cruella is my exception to the dark reds in Autumn rule. I bloody adore this colour. I'd describe this as a Jessica Rabbit red. It has brown undertone too, so its more brick red. If you have blue eyes too, this will make them pop like nothing else! If you get one thing from this edit, let it be Nars Cruella & thank me later!

Burberry Nude Pink: I have a ton of nude lipsticks but Burberry Nude pink it what I reach for in the Autumn. Its more moisturising than most of the ones I have which is perfect for the colder months. I love this for autumn as again it has peachy/brown undertones and really pairs perfectly with the darker burgundy and brown smokey eye I tend to whip out in Autumn.

Whats your favourite Autumn Lipstick?

Shiana xo


What I Got From Cult Beauty

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Okay so bear with me guys, this post is completely contradictory to the other days post, however I bought these bits before I was knee deep in my overdraft. Unfortunately due to the nature of the products you can't return them, which sucks but maybe a bit of retail therapy is what I needed eh? Sometimes a girls gotta shop.

These few bits and bobs had been in my basket for a while, stuff I knew I would need eventually but I was waiting for things to run out to be able to justify the purchase, nobody needs about 34 spritz toners on the go at once.

OUAI Texturising spray: So you guys should know what a Jen Atkin fangirl I am if you've been around here a while. She is not only the quintessential LA cool girl, but also one of the most inspiring 'she-e-o's' (say like CEO). Her hair care range has bowled me over and every time I have been paid since its release I've bought something from it. I tried this product in Selfridges a few weeks ago but it was out of stock, only testers around. It's the bomb! gives you texture without stickiness or weighing down the hair. Brilliant product.

Molecule 01 Travel Perfume: First thing I wanna say is I didn't get the large size because man is it expensive for something you aren't able to smell in store. The travel size is half the price and still comes in a nice glass bottle. This is one of those perfumes that is supposed to work with your body chemistry and smell unique on everyone. So far it smells super woody & musky. Really sexy smell. It reminds me a lot of Diptyque's Eau Duelle.

Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist: God aren't these all the things you wanna hear when you have dry skin? i'm hoping this ticks as many boxes as I hope it will. I have been using the amazing Mario Bedescu Rose Water Toning Mist since I bought it in December and its only just running out. I have loved that, super hydrating, makes the skin soft to the touch and smells like roses, whats not to love? Hopefully this will bring similar results, on first spritz I am a fan, the mist is fine and seems to be keeping my face hydrated. Stay tuned.

Have you tried any of these products before? Give me your thoughts down below!

Shiana xo


5 Important Things I've Learnt About Blogging

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

1. People want you to be unashamedly yourself. Yesterdays post taught me how much people respect you just being human. They aren't going to come for you if you put your hands up and say, yep this is crap and I'm trying to move on from it. In fact the opposite, so many wonderful people were telling me their own troubles yesterday and have so much wonderful love to share. Tell people your life story, it's what they are here for.

2. It helps to be present. What I mean by that is to chat to fellow bloggers, comment on and read their posts, tweet them to tell them how much your are loving their content. Think about how awesome it is when someone does that to you, share the love. Its appreciated and it will make someones day!

3. Don't be afraid of you content not being interesting enough. If you are writing what you like, it will be good enough. People are following you for you. They like to know what you're up to - even if you write a whole post on a foot cream (or something similarly seemingly mundane) - its what you've been enjoying. My point being, if it matters to you, it matters to your reader.

4. Self promote your damn ass off gal. I work so hard on this blog, so I'll be damned if I don't tweet, insta and facebook every post when I can. If it annoys people, yes they may unfollow, but you don't want someone who is annoyed by you following you anyway. Keep up the self love and the love from others will soon follow.

5. Always make the effort to reply to tweets, comments, any interaction given to you by your readers. Its what makes this whole blogging game go round. People want to feel like they matter, because they do. If someone has taken the time to write something on what you have written or made, reply. It takes two seconds and that interaction is key for building an audience that will last for years.

Thats just what I've learned over the last 3 years I have been blogging, and I hope it helps some of you guys out there, whether you're just starting you blogging journey or have been doing it for years.

Have a great day guys and any blogging tips you have, leave them below!

Shiana xo

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